Parts & Spares

At The Inverness 4X4 Centre we specialise in all things Land Rover. If you can’t get your parts from us, it’s not available. We have extensive stocks of all parts. See below for more details.


Axles And Transmissions Spares Available Include:

C V Joints, Cross Shaft 4 Pin Differential, Rear Axle Differential Case, Salisbury Differential Gear Kit, Front Halfshaft Ass., Gear Kit For Differential, Halfshaft Assembly LH Front, Front Hub & Stud Assembly, Inner Halfshaft Only, Rear Hub Sleeve Oil Catcher

Body And Fittings Spares Available Include:

Door Seals, Rear Lid Locker, Locking And Release Adjusting Plate Bonnet, Air Intake Grille, Angle Corner Protector, Under Seat Battery Box, Bodyside & Wheel Arch, Rear Bodyside Outer Panel, Bonnet 90-110. & 109, Bulkhead 90/110, Defender 110 Smooth Roof Plain

Brake Systems Spares Available Include:

Brake Back Plate, Front Brake Calliper, Brake Pedal Assembly, Brake Pedal Box, Brake Servo, Brake Shoe Anchor Plate, Rear Brake Shoes, Front Calliper Assy

Chassis And Outrigger Parts Available Include:

Bulkhead Outrigger, Crossmember Detachable, Lifting And Towing Ring Front, Rear Cross Member With Extensions, Rear Outrigger, Rear Grab Handle Black, Lashing Ring Front And Rear, Grommet Jacking Bracket, Front Dumb Iron, Front Coil Spring Seat, Engine & G/Box Mtg Rubber

Doors, Tailgate, Fittings Range Includes:

Anti-Burst Lock Rear Side, Barrel & Key Set, Catch For Truck Cab Window, Channel Division Rear Side Door, Door Clinched Assy, Door Front, Door Top Assy, Glass Door Top Safari Side Door, Hinge For Rear Lift Up Lid, Latch Assy Safari Side Door, Lock Assy Non Slam Type, Tailgate

Cooling And Heating Parts Available Include:

Airbox Assy Heater-Blower, Air Duct Outlet To Floor, Chaff Hand Guard For Behind Radiator, Cowl For Radiator Fan, Duct For Screen Demister, Duct For Screen Demister, Frame For Oil Cooler, Heater Assembly, Heater Control Assy., Hose Front Intercooler, Intercooler, Oil Cooler

Engine Parts Range


Adaptor For Screw On Oil Filter 4 Cyl., Brake Vacuum Pump, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Cylinder Head, Exhaust Manifold, Flywheel, Idler Timing Belt, Inlet Manifold, Main Bearing Set, Oil Filter Assy, Oil Pump, Piston For Timing Chain Adjuster, Power Steering Belt, Rocker Cover

Electrical Parts Available Include:

High Output Alternator, Barrel & Keys Ignition Switch, Base Plate & Pickup Distributor, Battery 12 Volt 72 Amp, Battery Frame Split-Charge, Chassis Harness, Clock Quartz, Distributor, Drive Kit For Starter Motor, Engine Harness, Pair Rectangular Fog Lamp, Fuse Box

Exhausts Range Of Parts Includes:

Centre Exhaust, Exhaust Downpipe, Exhaust Silencer, Exhaust Tailpipe, Front Silencer, Support Bracket Exhaust Front Pipe 4 Cyl, U Bolt For Rear Tailpipe, Tube Exhaust Y Piece Mounting, Rubber Exhaust Mounting, Rear Hanger Bracket Exhaust, Intermediate Pipe

Hardware And Fittings Range Of Parts Includes:

Front Wing Inner Assy, Hose Clip Air Cleaner Hose 90-110 Fuel, Mirror Slug Fixing Interior Mirror, RTV / Hylosil Sealing Compound, Screw Screen To Bulkhead 90-110, Set Screw M12 X 20mm, Stud M8 X 30 Various Applications, Bolt 1/2 UNF X 5.75 Chassis. To Bracket,

Instruments And Cables Range Available Includes:

Accelerator Cable, Battery Cable Negative Or Positive, Battery Condition Gauge, Hand Throttle Cable, Carrier For Handbrake Cable, Choke Cable, Fuel Gauge, Electrical Cable For Volt Meter, Oil Pressure Gauge, Speedometer, Stop Cable Clip, Speedo Cable

Gear Box Parts Range Of Parts Includes:

Transfer Gear Change Assembly 4 Cyl, Oil Pump Gear Kit In Gearbox, Bearing Output Shaft, New Gearbox , Kit Differential Gears Transfer, Mainshaft, Oil Cooler, Yoke Selector Shaft, Bottom Cover For Transfer, Control Switch Diff Lock, Front Output Flange 4 Speed V8

Towing Equipment Range Of Parts Available Includes:

Adjustable Height Tow Coupling, Harness Trailer Socket, Military Tow Jaw, S Type Auxiliary Socket Kit, Tie Bar Tow Bracket, Tow Bar Kit Adjustable, Tow Electric Kit, Trailer Socket Mounting Plate, Harness Assy 7 Pin Socket, Hook And Chain For Heavy Duty Tow Pin

Washers And Wipers Range Of Parts Available Includes:

Screen Washer Container, Cover For Rear Door Wiper Motor, Delay Unit For Wipers, Electric Pump For Screen Washer, Parking Switch Wiper Motor, Pump Screen Wash Front Or Rear, Switch Wash Wipe Delay, Screenwasher Jet, Screenwasher Jet, Headlamps Washer Pump

Suspension Systems Range Of Parts Available Includes:

Anti Roll Bar, Ball Joint Housing In Rear A Frame, Bracket For Rear Axle Ball Joint, Front Anti-Roll Bar, Front Spring, Load Leveller Mounting Bracket, Panhard Rod, Rear Spring, Self Levelling Unit, Shock Absorber, Top Link Assembly Rear Suspension

Steering Range Of Parts Available Includes:

Steering Box, Lower Steering Shaft, Oil Seal Kit Power Steering Box, P.A.S. Reservoir, Power Steering Pump, Piston Rack Kit, Power Assisted Steering Box, Steering Box Manual Or Power, Steering Column, Steering Damper, Steering Wheel, Tie Bar For Steering Box

Fuel Systems Range Of Parts Includes:

Accelerator Pedal, Adaptor For Air Intake, Air Cleaner Complete Assembly, Air Filter Assembly, Air Filter Element, Air Hose, Carburettor, Float Assy, Fuel Filler Assembly, Fuel Pump, Fuel Pipe, Fuel Regulator, Fuel Tank, Injection Pump, Inlet Manifold, Tank Sender Unit


Our range of spares and parts are available for shipping worldwide. Contact us and we’ll have your Land Rover back in action in no time.